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Life on the Rockpile
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Conservative Manifesto

Since the shellacking the liberals received at the hands of both the GOP and the Tea Party last November, the media has been bulging with stories, articles and columns regarding the potential electoral disaster facing the Democrats in the upcoming 2012 election cycle. Even the Las Vegas Sun, a liberal rag in my home town,  has carried a column by the New York Times offering a serious warning to the Democrat establishment that they ignore the Tea Party at their own peril. The one overriding point missing from all of these and practically every other piece written by the Mainstream Media since the days of George Bush Senior is, just what a conservative is.

From MSNBC on, every liberal elite outlet sniffs with distain at the very mention of the word “conservative”. They sip their overpriced chardonnay as they nibble truffle-enhanced Pâté de foie gras while declaring in their upper class accents that conservatism is out of step with everyday America. It is not surprising that even now these pseudo intellectuals consider the elections in the Democrat strongholds of Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts to be aberrations. The likes of Wolf Blitzer, Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell, Lawrence O’Donnel and Norah O’Donnell will never get it. Miss O’Donnell even went so far as to verbally attack a young girl for being in line at a Sarah Palin book signing. You can check this link if it is still active:  

The left is falling apart. Their anger and hatred, and frankly, their fear of a conservative ascendancy have boiled over. Many consider the Tea Party Movement to be the chief villain in this drama.

One sad part of all this is that far too many in the GOP leadership also don’t get it. All too often I hear the same dismissive tones coming from Republican leadership with regard to the Tea Party movement as I do from the Democrats, and not only that, just like the Democrats many so-called leaders within the GOP actively work to remove their own colleagues from office if that colleague will not work with them in corruption. How do I know this? I was one of those targeted for being “too honest”; check out my profile. During the past election cycle we had the Republicans for Reid, a group formed simply because Sharon Angle did the unforgivable by trouncing their anointed candidate, past state party chair Sue Lowden. Now the good Assemblywoman is a household name and not necessarily in a good way. That is how sad things have gotten.

What today’s conservatives need is a manifesto, a list of those characteristics and policies that define what a conservative is. Simply being against taxes is not enough. I know of too many in my own party who use that simplistic measurement and then blithely vote to continue stealing from the taxpayer by raising fees for no other cause than their own enrichment.

The first item in this new Conservative Manifesto should be Constitutional Honesty. Right now the liberal elite are outraged over a correct decision by the Supreme Court to remove the McCain-Feingold stricture on corporations being able to donate to political races and an even more recent decision to give corporations the same free speech rights as individuals. Unfortunately, enough Republicans are also outraged to be worrisome. Whether you chose to accept it or not, corporations are made up of people. Simply because they band together they should not have to give up their civil rights.

The Constitution was written by men (advised by a number of very strong women) who knew first hand what it felt like to live under the very type of system the liberal elite would love to see enacted in this country. Again, whether or not they like it, the constitution gives us the right to own any type of firearm we choose. Nowhere does it limit that choice. If you don’t like it, use the established route to change the Constitution. If that is thought to be too much trouble, too bad.

That document gives us the right to voice nonviolent opinion, worship wherever we choose, even if it is in a school or city hall, disagree with the President, even if he is a mulatto, and to prosper in our business, even if we become wealthy doing so. What it does not do is allow us to lie, cheat and steal our way to wealth or power, and that is where the real conservatives are separated from the phonies. NeoCon is another term for phony. Bush Jr was a neocon just like Daddy Bush. Reagan was a true conservative. A NeoCon believes corruption is good as long as their frat brothers are involved. A true conservative will blow the whistle because it is the right thing to do.

The second item is US Sovereignty. If you want to send a liberal right off the deep end, suggest that the United States of America adopt the same type of rules considered a matter of course by most countries (several of which the liberal considers far more enlightened than the US); a national language and mandatory expulsion of illegal aliens. Sweden does this and because they are socialist they are completely accepted by the mushy-brained set. (Mushy-Brained means liberal. The terms are interchangeable)

Let US sovereignty even be mentioned by a US representative and that poor sap is being hung in media effigy that day. By the way, were you aware that Mexico is currently constructing a wall on its southern border? Where is the liberal outrage?

We have a right to secure borders just as our southern neighbor does, and we have a right to our own language, US English. Legal citizens of the US have the right to expect to be treated better than lawbreakers. Citizens of this country are the ones paying the bills and as the bill-payer they deserve to have the first place in the line. Of course, this attitude is considered to be hateful and racist by the liberal elite. The attitude of the true conservative toward them should be this, if you don’t like it; leave. If you want to stay, obey the law. By the way, the US has never shot someone attempting to leave our country legally.

Third is the sanctity of innocent life. Science today has reached the point where any honest biologist would have to admit that an unborn child in the womb of a human mother is an identifiably separate human life. Sure, it may be entirely dependant upon the mother for continued existence and growth, but that in no way invalidates the growing life’s individuality. This is simple, proven science and yet it is another unbending hot button for the liberal. The news is replete with stories of protesters crowding together outside the gate of a prison holding candlelight vigils on the eve of the execution of a convicted murderer. There is no consideration with these people as to how vile the committed crime may have been. These 10 watt intellects are filled with compassion for the perceived victim of the state over and above any innocent life. However, this group has nothing to say about the thousands executed by Islamic states. They could not care any less about the millions executed by every communist dictator since Lenin, nor do they breathe a single syllable of regret for any of the children murdered by the assorted Middle Eastern suicide-killers. What is the greatest hypocrisy of all, you ask? They celebrate every time an unborn child is murdered by a physician while that physician is busy violating his or her Hippocratic Oath. To quote Wilkow, “Hypocrisy is like flatulence, you never notice your own.”

An important note on this; abortion is currently legal. It may be horribly, morally wrong, but it is still legal. That being said, the entire pro-abortion stance is hypocritical on its face and the hypocrisy continues to its core. An innocent human life is taken in every case and that has to be admitted. A true conservative would agree. A true conservative defends innocent life, whether it be in the womb or not. Politics is not given a single place in this decision. If that defense costs a position of power, so be it. If it costs you money, too bad, what is right is right and any argument to the contrary is wrong on its face. Some prices are simply too high to pay.

Fourth is the economy. That’s right; a real conservative does not place money at the pinnacle, which is the NeoCon stance. A real conservative understands that certain principles are more important than the accumulation of wealth. With that being said, the economy holds a solid place within the top 5 because a real conservative also understands that in order to be a productive citizen, people need real jobs, not welfare. The liberal elite consider most employers to be the enemy, unless that employer happens to employ them or gives huge campaign contributions to avowed socialists like Obama, Pelosi or Reid. Common sense dictates that in order to stimulate an economy, the best thing a government can do is get out of the way and allow business to grow. The second best thing is to allow competition to be the rule within the marketplace. Of course there is a problem here; not one honest thinker can ever ascribe common sense to the liberal mind. History has more examples of the liberal experiment destroying an economy than it has of wars causing death. All right, some hyperbole there, but the point stands. Liberalism has never grown an economy…ever, and yet the mushy-brained continue to insist that their way will work…this time. I do hope you all know the definition of insanity.

Fifth on this list, is personal freedom. The liberal believes that such a right only applies to them and those groups they champion: terrorists, communists, Marxists, baby killers, mass murderers, traitors and so on. No, personal freedom belongs to every legal citizen within this country. It is not and should not be a right extended to anyone who belongs to or supports a group whose aim is to harm those citizens, nor should it be extended to those who have broken our immigration laws. For far too long our freedoms have been chipped away by Washington elites who believe they know better how to lead our lives than we do. Because of this belief we have become smothered by a blanket of laws that have no reason for existing other than to give careers to people incapable of competing in the free market. Every single one of the laws governing what kind of car you can drive, laws telling you to dress like a Star Wars Storm Trooper before you can ride a bike, laws telling you what kind of food you can eat, and so on into infinity, should be abolished in favor of one simple statute; if you do something stupid to yourself, you are responsible for any costs you incur. If your stupidity causes harm to someone else, you pay through the nose, regardless your position or power; if this causes some lawyers to get an honest job…again, too bad.

Sixth is intellectual honesty. The discussion of global warming has its place in the conservative doctrine just as do many other scientific and educational issues. A real conservative agrees with real science. We know that Darwinism, Creationism and Intelligent Design, as far as science is concerned, are all theories. If you call evolution a scientific fact, you are wrong. Evolution, the way it is taught, can no more be proven by science than the existence of God. If you disagree, show me the missing link. Science is not faith and faith is not science. A real conservative is able to live with both. Global warming has not only not been proven, but it has been revealed as false far too many times for the honest to ignore. Global temperatures have actually gone down since the high point in the early 1990’s and several highly reputable climatologists believe that the earth may be entering another cooling period similar to that which caused the mini ice age back in Napoleon’s day. But the validation of this theory could cost Al Gore money, and the liberal elite cannot let that happen. They even have the gall to call those who disabuse the global warming nonsense as “unpatriotic”. What they cannot do is dispute the educational and research records of the men and women brave enough to publish scientific truth.

Seventh is extremism. As currently defined, most Americans are not extremists; the liberal elite are excluded from that list, “most Americans” because by constitutional definition a liberal elitist cannot be a real American. Their own extremism makes true active citizenship impossible. The ongoing knock against the Tea Party Movement is that of extremism, and to continue the honesty, the movement has welcomed some extremists with open arms. The only extreme the true conservative should embrace is an extreme love and respect for the founding documents of this country, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United State of America, and for the ideals that brought those documents into being. That is what defines a real American.

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