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Life on the Rockpile
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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Crusades Were a Good Thing

This link will take you to story where the Muslim population in a section of London is attempting to impose Islamic law on the other 85% of the neighborhood. A lot of people have said that it could never happen here in the United States and yet the Democrats elected a President who, if he isn’t actually a stealth Muslim, has those leanings. No US President before him ever bowed to an Islamic leader, Barrack Hussein Obama did.

This link will take you to a related story regarding a stable, consistent and inexpensive supply of oil right next door in Canada. You are probably not aware of another story where Saudi Arabia warned the current administration about the dangers of attempting to become “energy independent”. It appeared for only one day in the press and was quickly scrubbed from the internet. The fact that the story about the Canadian pipeline appeared in the same article hold significant relevance to back up those who smell an odor of decaying seafood coming from the east.

How many times have we heard or read something about Islam being the religion of peace and that there is little difference between Christianity and Islam except for the terms? If this were even close to being correct? Why is it that every time a Muslim converts they have to be disappeared in order to continue living? Why is it when someone, either inadvertently or deliberately insults Islam’s prophet Mohamed riots erupt across the globe, but when the same happens to Jesus about the worst that happens is a letter to the editor? Could it not be that Christianity and Islam are polar opposites?

Consider the London story. Here is the list of demands from the Islamic group, MAC; reject democracy- not have non-Muslim friends- not celebrate non-Muslim festivals including Christmas and Easter- not join the police or armed forces- not vote for lawmakers, or stand for election- demand the release of “all Muslim prisoners in the hands of the disbelievers”- reject integration with non-Islamic society- abide by shari’a and not any “man-made law”. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? And yet, according to the liberals, this way of life and this type of leadership is preferable to the horrors that would be perpetrated upon this nation if we elected a Republican.

You know what is particularly funny about all this? It would never happen in France.

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