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Life on the Rockpile
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Saturday, July 9, 2011


There is a website with the title Loonwatch. Ostensibly it purposes to exist to reveal and warn the world of the dangers posed by those distrustful of Muslims. Check it out for yourself via this link. The title says it all, those people who broadcast any of the dangers posed by militant Islam are in themselves a danger. Really? Let’s explore that.

A couple of years ago I proposed a very dangerous idea. That idea got this blog in its earlier incarnation a top listing as a dangerous loon, a mantle I wore proudly by the way. The idea was this, in order to put a halt to the danger of another 911, the US would put out a warning to every Islamic government in the world that another attack of that type would be immediately answered by turning the city of Mecca into a nuclear wasteland. Nowhere in the article did I indicate that such an attack should be carried out, and in fact I was very careful to say that the threat alone would most likely be sufficient, due to the incredible importance that city has to the Muslim religion, but that wasn’t enough for the Islamic apologists at Loonwatch. Who cares about the historical record? The strategy did work however for Reagan during the cold war, or should we start rebuilding that Berlin wall?

It seems any criticism of the religion must be hate-based at worst and ill-informed at best. Really? I’m sure that is a great comfort to all those families who had relatives working in the World Trade Center towers, not to mention all those enjoying a pleasant day out until the suicide bomber showed up. I have yet to hear of an evangelical Christian, a Taoist, a Buddhist or even a Jew committing such an act. Of course, these could be incredibly rare acts of violence by what some have called the Religion of Peace, couldn’t they? This site link, contains a vast amount of damning evidence, far too much to be brushed aside except by those who agree with the militant agenda. However, just as there are villains and heroes in Judaism and Christianity and all of the other world faiths, so also are there in Islam. It is just that Islam contains such a large number of villains willing to murder innocents in the name of their prophet. The last estimate on that number is roughly 1.8 million. The size of American’s combined military active personnel is about 1,477,896 troops, or about half a million less than the jihadists.

Now Loonwatch would like to point out that the number of Islamic terrorists is only 6% of the Muslim population, but when that percentage is on the high side of two million, I doubt any reasonable person would consider that a good thing.

Today, when a member of an organization commits a crime, even if that person is holding a position of power in the Democrat Party, indictments are handed down and sentences given. We have all read the recent news stories to that effect. But is the killing of innocents a crime by Islamic standards? Well, that depends on how the term innocent is applied. There are quite a few condemnations issued against the killing of even unbelievers, if they qualify as innocent. The problem is the qualification, especially when fatwas are issued by assorted religious leaders who have their own agendas. Remember that 1.8 million number. Check out this link, it details the reasons why noncombatant women and children are considered valid targets in a holy war, and this is important, the jihadists consider themselves in a holy war against the non-Muslim world.

So, we have nearly 2 million religious fanatics willing to slaughter innocents in the name of their prophet and we have the remaining 94% perfectly happy to let them do it. Was that a misinterpretation of the deafening silence each time a terrorist attack is carried out? The innocents and their families are still waiting for an answer.

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