Life on the Rockpile

Life on the Rockpile
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Monday, July 11, 2011

A Question of Balance

There is a well-documented fact in the current and ongoing flap over the upcoming default looming on the United States near horizon. That fact is this, the wealthy, those folks the Democrats claim are avoiding paying “their fair share” of taxes, they pay the vast majority of taxes. We will wait a minute for the Chris Matthews, Alan Combs, James Carville’s and Arianna Huffington’s of the world to detach themselves from the ceiling. Sorry, but that is a real, undeniable (if you’re not committed to a socialist philosophy) fact. This link will take you to an Answers page detailing the percentages, but the upper class in this country already pay over 90% of taxes collected. I puts a whole new wrinkle on the Democrat claims that not raising taxes on the wealthy will shift the bulk of this country’s burden onto the middle class, doesn’t it?

You see the problem is that the media this country is saddled with has no intention of reporting the truth. It has gotten so bad that even the weather report seems to have spin attached toward a pro-global warming agenda. Never mind that there is just about as much hard science proving Al Gore’s theory as there is proving the existence of the Tooth Fairy.

When have we heard or read any main stream outlet discussing how large a percentage of taxes are paid by the top 10% of wage earners, much less the top 50%? The answer is zero. The only time those numbers are mentioned is when it is time to put forth another “shame on you rich bastards” lie. And the reason for this is quite simple, any weapon is allowed when war is being waged. Make no mistake, this country has been involved in a class war for several decades, and now that we have a Traitor in Chief at the helm, the stakes have been raised. As long as a single American citizen is prospering independent of government largess, the lies will continue.

Another fact to take into consideration is what is defined as a cut. We hear the Democrats complain all the time about the Republicans cutting socials programs to the bone, throwing grandma over a cliff or seeking to toss the needy out onto the street because of their “draconian” cuts. Would it surprise you to know that the vast majority of these so-called cuts are actually increases in spending? The “cut”, as it were, is actually a smaller increase than the one proposed by the Democrats.

Dan Rather, the disgraced talking head who was caught lying in an attempt to help Al Gore’s campaign, once claimed such nonsense and when confronted with the actual numbers showing that the Republican proposal was also an increase, just a smaller one than the Democrats, was heard to mutter, “It’s still a cut.” You can never convince a liberal that they are wrong, all you can do is deny them power. This link from a 2004 Factcheck article proves my point.

What it comes down to is what has been repeated adnauseum, we really do not have a budget problem, we have a spending problem. Not a single article in the mainstream media has ever mentioned how many billions we waste in sending to tin pot dictators overseas so they will feel good about us. Not one article has mentioned how much we could save by producing our own fuels and using our own renewable resources rather than importing them. Not one article has mentioned how many billions we waste in sending our military overseas to “create democracy”, when the constitution states quite clearly that arm of our government is strictly intended for the national defense. And not one article ever mentions what would happen if we actually leveled the tax playing field by eliminating the IRS as an enforcement agency and turning it into a bookkeeping operation with a transition from an income tax to a nation retail sales tax where the paying of taxes would be completely voluntary. The only time that idea is mentioned is when it is ridiculed, but those doing the ridiculing never run the numbers.

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