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Life on the Rockpile
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Class…or the Lack Thereof

My wife teaches at what can best be called an inner city school; at worst…a ghetto school. The student demographic is roughly split between poor black and poor Hispanic boys and girls. That opening statement is placed here for a purpose, which will be made clear further along in this column.

Any citizen of the USA old enough and astute enough to remember the 1960’s should also be able to notice the ongoing slide in manners since those days. When I was in high school disruptive behavior in the classroom was a rarity, and pregnancy practically unheard of. If a boy did impregnate a girl a wedding was on the horizon. You did your homework because if you didn’t you did not move on to the next grade. Welfare was for those truly unable to work and only viewed as a temporary measure because a sense of pride still had value.

To carry this further, back then a man took care of his own mistakes and shouldered the consequences, good or bad, for his actions. A man who did not work was a bum and a real man was a gentleman. A real woman carried herself with class and decorum. Dressing and acting like a slut was reserved for…well, sluts. So what happened?

Today the push toward diversity is considered by the liberal left and a worryingly large segment of the right to not only be the right thing to do but the constitutional thing to do. Obviously this phrase from Doctor Martin Luther King, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” is not only dismissed but removed from the collective memory because outward appearance and narrow demographic identity has become paramount in nearly every formal aspect of US life. As much as Doctor King preached becoming an alloy, another man, Malcolm X preached divisive hatred, “"He got the peace prize, we got the problem.... If I'm following a general, and he's leading me into a battle, and the enemy tends to give him rewards, or awards, I get suspicious of him. Especially if he gets a peace award before the war is over." For today’s history students, Dr. King was a black man and so was X. A white man, Abraham Lincoln said this, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

King and Lincoln spoke of the strength of joining. Malcolm X trumpeted not just diversity but total segregation. King and Lincoln are practically ostracized by today’s media. X is considered a folk hero.

Since Martin Luther King is supposed to be such a pivotal figure in American history, why then are American Jews put into the liberal lawyer/grasping-jeweler box? Why are American Orientals automatically considered smart? Why, when you see a Hispanic, do you immediately think either landscaper or illegal? This list can be carried onward to cover every single stereotype this country contained, but the point is made, even if it isn’t accepted.

Simply because a baby boy is born to an unwed black girl doesn’t mean that he will be holding up convenience stores sixteen years later. Simply because a Jewish couple in Brooklyn bring a new baby home to their brownstone doesn’t mean that years later the ACLU acquires a new member, but unfortunately, as the years move on, stereotypes in this country are becoming more and more the norm. As a good friend of mine pointed out, the white race is not left out of the stereotype arena. As with every other skin color, pale has both rich and poor, sacred and profane. Some of the poorest most downtrodden and least educated in America happen to be Caucasian, but the white man in today’s  America is the sole remaining demographic where prejudice against them is not only allowed but approved. Why is that? For an answer we have to go overseas.

In the United States a black man or woman almost universally insists on being labeled African American, even if there is no possible way of tracing their family back to that particular continent. But if you hold a conversation with an educated Ethiopian or Ugandan you will notice a gulf of difference between the average high school educated American black and the African, the American cannot use proper grammar, whereas the African speaks English better than most Americans of any race. The jumbled nonsensical slang coming from young blacks today is neither African nor American and proves that class is the furthest thing from what little mind they have.

In Israel, a Jew will not automatically rush to the defense of those demanding his or her extinction. They will not seek a way to explain the actions of terrorist organizations in apologetic terms, but in the United States the Jewish community has, contrary to all logic, adopted what can only be described as a suicidal stance. What else can you call the wholesale acceptance of a community for the philosophies of those whose sole aim is the eradication of their race? Another question arises, when did the desire for sovereignty of a nation become tantamount to being a crime?

A few years ago there was a joke going around about the French and the salute used by the French military; both hands up in a motion of surrender. Today that joke isn’t so funny. The French are leaving the US behind. The average tax rate in France is around 28%.  Ours is hovering around 35%, and if Obama gets his way you can add another 15% to that. In France Muslims have to adapt to French society if they want to stay; France doesn’t have to adapt to them. Over here we are forced to accommodate even proven terrorists because of “cultural differences”. Diversity is not considered a right in France, and this trend is becoming more popular throughout Europe, even in socialist England, sadly, not so in diversity-driven America.

Does this mean we should all start acting like Frenchmen? No, not at all, we have our own identity. We should be acting like what Americans used to be rather than what we have become. It is no more proper for us to actively segment our society into bite-sized bits than it is for us to shave our heads and parade around like mini Hitlers. We should no more be make-believe Nazis than we should be basement-dwelling communists. We should be the best educated, strongest alloy this world has ever seen and yet we are allowing the politically correct to destroy us from the inside out.

Back to my wife’s school: not just a significant portion, but an overwhelming majority of her students have been raised to believe that society owes them a living. They have minimal core skills at best, meaning they can barely read or write and math beyond the basic 2+2=4 is, quite frankly, beyond their grasp. The sanctity of ownership to them means they haven’t stolen it yet. But the greatest tragedy is that the society that has created this sad scenario seems to believe that this state of affairs is not only right but proper.

Believe it or not, there is a logical reason for that.

Class or the lack thereof is a long existing plank of the Democrat party. Those who rely on the creation of the nanny state also relied on the creation of a generation of societal victims. Without those victims they have no livelihood, career or power. If victimhood were to be replaced with self-reliance where would the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons find folk stupid enough to donate to their bank accounts? Where would the ACLU find plaintiffs for $600 an hour class action suits? The ability to control the debate is everything. It is clearly obvious that what we are experiencing now is not mere circumstance. Our current state of affairs, including the enemy of our nation presently occupying the White House, is the result of a very well thought-out and contrived plan to destroy the United States as a sovereign nation. And the plan is working.

The diversity myth is best illustrated by a common elementary physics example: pick up a single thin twig and break it. This is done easily. Now add a dozen to that twig and attempt the same action. Unless you are incredibly strong, the breaking cannot be accomplished. It is the same with this country. We are supposed to be an amalgam of diverse states and peoples acting as a whole. Undermanned and under-armed we won World War Two, defeating an axis that had us at what was supposed to be a distinct advantage on several fronts. After World War Two the thinking in our country’s administration changed and we have yet to win a war since, and that includes Iraq. If our military is not only battling those shooting at them but Congress and the media as well…you can see the end result, we either lose or the conflict never ends. It is the same where our society and class warfare is concerned, without decisive action, without allowing a winner and a loser we slowly spin downward into the commode.

So what is the solution? If you are a liberal, you get to experience a lot of pain and frustration. If you are a NeoCon you do so as well, but for different reasons. If you are a real American you crack your knuckles and get to work. Everything that is today considered an undeclared addition to the bill of rights needs to be deposited into the trash bin of history. Shame needs to be brought back and given its proper place in society. The phrase, “If you do not work, you do not eat” needs to become law rather than a forgotten parable. A lawsuit brought when no actual harm has occurred should bring a term of unpaid community service to the lawyer accepting it. Illiteracy, unless mental defect is the cause, should simply not be allowed. The death sentence needs to come back for an entire host of crimes, regardless of the mental state of the criminal and the opinion of the media. And last, but not least, US taxpayer money should be spent for the benefit of US taxpayers, not for the benefit of some tin pot dictator who will never support us regardless of how many billions we waste on his worthless country. Do I sound a bit harsh? Damn right.

Obviously this argument requires the depth of a book to fully explore, but I think you will grasp the general message. In order for this country to survive we need to act and react in ways that will not only dismay our enemies, both foreign and domestic, but offend them as well…even if we are no longer invited to the cool parties.

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