Life on the Rockpile

Life on the Rockpile
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Kenyan Transcript

It doesn’t take the Obama administration long to pull a cover up. Just a few days after my column asking whether or not Should Obama Step Down, the transcript of the Kenyan Parliament for March 25th, 2010 was scrubbed from the Kenyan Parliament site. Was there collusion between Washington and Kenya?  If you think anyone is going to truthfully answer that question you are dumber than the liberals think you are.

I had some folks question the veracity of my column because they could not find the proof. Liberals and those who are beginning to mature out of liberalism are quick to jump on any appearance of falsehood from those they have automatically distrusted for so long. Think of this, please; when push came to shove in the records department, who offered up proof and who vacillated? I’ll give you a hint, Democrat versus Republican, vacillation versus honesty. The Democrat wins the liar battle over 75% of the time. Sure, the GOP is chock full of liars, but the wily donkey is a master at that craft where the elephant is a mere apprentice.

In searching for the lost transcript I came across a number of forums where it was being discussed. The liberals in those forums either refused to believe the assertion or discounted it outright. A few even went so far as to consider the US Constitution invalid where “social progress” was concerned. That will give you some insight into the liberal frame of mind. We have people in our country who march for “world peace”, stand candlelight vigils outside of prisons where a torturer of children is being executed, loudly decry the supposed disenfranchisement of indigenous peoples and all the while they calmly consider the eventual dissolution of the only country where any opinion can truly be uninhibited as right and proper because they disagree with the document that gives them that right.

Remember, Obama’s buddy and mentor, Bill Ayers at one time calmly discussed the killing of millions to solidify his world view. He has never recanted that idea, which means in his mind…and in Obama’s, it is still valid. The stifling of a computer archive is nothing compared to that.

Well, as one person wisely said, “Once a document is put out into the web it is there forever”.  I found the file and I have given a copy of the PDF to Canada Free Press so if anyone wants it they can simply ask.

The liberals love to equate conservatives with Nazis, but who tends to do the computer age’s version of book burning?

When it comes time to vote, vote for freedom of thought. Vote conservative.

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