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Life on the Rockpile
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Real Americans

One of the most striking impressions I gained while serving as a state representative was that Party, not State, not Country, was placed in a position of much higher importance than anything else. Even campaign donations (read bribes) took a subordinate position. One member of my caucus stated his primary purpose for being in office. “I want to #@!! them,” he said. He meant the Democrats. It did not matter if the legislation had any merit, not even if it saved the taxpayers money. Beating the enemy was all. This attitude also ran rampant throughout the other side of the aisle. Four of my bills were taken from me and given to the Democrat leadership because I was a member of the minority party and my bills were viewed as a violation of the cardinal rule: a freshman legislator shall not propose legislation good enough to pass, especially if it is better than their leaderships’ bills.

Many questions have been asked about why our government seems so inadequate in solving our ongoing problems. The simple answer is that the parties are too busy fighting each other to actually accomplish anything. Compounding that is the fact that they also don’t want to upset any of the big money people who typically donate to their campaigns, even if it is the right thing to do. Frankly, the leadership in our political parties has been bought and paid for. They will do everything they can do to keep the rabble rousers (read real representatives) out of office.

I have always believed that if an elected official becomes aware of a wrong being perpetrated, that official should take steps to stop it. I did so when I was approached by a group of casino employees upset over their tips being stolen from them by the casino owner. In researching this I found a state law that forbids the taking of tips. My own party attacked me over this, claiming I was violating the “free market”. The fact that a law was being broken was beside the point. After that I received a phone call from the current minority leader asking me to step down. In reality, the party in Nevada is owned my own party was contacted by those interests profiting off the theft of tip and told to remove an irritant. As properly purchased politicians they jumped to obey.

There is a difference between a real free market and the term as used by bought and paid for legislators. The free market as envisioned by the commerce clause as far back as 1887, link, was meant to prevent the formation of monopolies and to regulate certain types of trade so that it remained competitive. “[The Congress shall have Power] To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian tribes.” It did not, as seen by the text itself, allow cheating, stealing, abuse of employees, slavery, etc…

Anyone who has ever watched the TV series The West Wing is familiar with the character Wesley. That character, throughout the series, consistently argues against allowing the Republicans to win anything, even if that win benefits the country. The unfortunate truth is that Wesley’s attitude prevails in American politics. Elected officials are Democrats, not Americans; Republicans, not Americans; and it doesn’t end there;

Ever hear of Affirmative Action? It is a nasty piece of legislation that legitimizes discrimination because someone’s ancestor may have been discriminated against by someone else in the past. Simply because one applicant may be the best qualified isn’t enough. They also have to be the right color, sex, politically correct micro demographic and so on. In essence it is Washington saying that in this case, two wrongs do make a right.  What it has actually done is keep the division going. In the US we do not have Americans in a variety of colors, we have African Americans, Mexican Americans, and so on…We are so busy creating and maintaining socio-political barriers to divide our populace that we have become antagonistic toward those who try to scale the wall. How dare we even suggest that we become one country with our own language, our own culture and our own laws? So what if every other country out there does so?

Like our government, our education system is in rapid decline not simply because we refuse to pay for the tools to do the job properly, but because we have surrendered to the politically correct forces who insist on maintaining the walls. The school board in my area has members who actively fight against those methods proven to work in the classroom because those methods are not politically popular with their party leadership.

The Democrat Party will not support anything that upsets the fanatical left. As a result, the party of John F. Kennedy seems to support international terrorism, the killing of healthy, living babies via partial birth abortion, the granting of amnesty to the vilest of serial killers, the removal of personal responsibility regardless of the action or the harm it causes others, the removal of any right that promotes self-reliance, the destruction of heterosexual marriage and the core family unit, the elimination of Israel as a state, and the dissolution of America as a sovereign nation. Too many people have forgotten that it was the Democrat party that went to war to retain the right to keep slaves, not the Republicans.

However, my own party is not populated with saints. By no means; the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln and Reagan has metastasized into an organization that openly supports massive corporate theft, human trafficking, the resurgence of plantation style slavery, the elimination of small business and the destruction of effective public education. Many times I have witnessed bills that promoted real free market enterprise quashed, not because the Democrats objected but because those owning the GOP did not want their monopoly inconvenienced. A bill going after the human trafficking hidden behind the massage parlor industry was attacked equally by a well know civil liberties group and the GOP leadership. The GOP called it an infringement upon business. Seems the women being abused didn’t matter as long as a profit was being made. The civil liberties folks simply were interested in collecting their $600 and hour. There was no mention made of the civil liberties of the enslaved women.

Either way we lose if we continue to nominate people like McCain and Romney. Men like that, men who will go along simply to get along and maintain the status quo are possibly even a greater danger to our country that that posed by the current administration because they will not have the courage to begin the process of bringing America back to its roots. Unfortunately the past few elections have shown that the American voter is a creature of emotion rather than intellect. They will vote a party out of office only when they have been personally affected by that party’s policies in a negative fashion, or have been convinced by clever media spin that such as happened. Far too many voters in this country do not care to do the research necessary to understand the issues and the backgrounds of those running for office.

If this situation does not change we may be the last generation who remembers a truly free America simply because the average American voter no longer cares who runs their party.

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