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Life on the Rockpile
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just How Stupid Are We?

In their unending quest to prove that they are more equal than conservatives, the left have established the talking point of calling anyone who disagrees with their anointed king “racist”, and if that dissenter happens to be black, “Oreo”, or the Bill Cosby name for Clarence Thomas, “Brother Light”. The assertion is that there can only be one political world view for anyone wearing a dark melanin on their epidermis. For the Democrat readers, that means a dark skin tone. I have shocking news for the liberals; you can disagree with Obama and not be racist. In fact, it would be un-American to not disagree once in a while.

The recent news of the Obama Administration actually telling a private business who they can have as a boss is an example of just how far to the left this country has swerved. If this had happened during the fifties, an impeachment trial would now be an ongoing event. What is the most dismaying part of this drama is the sanguine attitude of the GOP regarding the President’s illegal action. Perhaps none of them have read the constitution lately. Just how stupid have we become?

That brings me to my core point. Would you be shocked to find that many who call themselves conservative are actually more liberal than most Democrats? No, I am not writing hyperbole to prove a point. Sadly, I am writing actual fact.

The country of Columbia was at one time the murder capital of the world. A few years ago they elected a non-politician/non-soldier to be their president. This new leader came from an education background and immediately moved to change the way things were done in his country. Educational spending went from a tiny percentage of the gross to 40%. The few elite private schools now had real competition and that competition had all the tools the private schools used to consider theirs alone. Columbia went from murder capital of the world to one of the safest countries per capita in the world. What about the social services, the military? They found that an educated populace becomes more self-reliant and more willing to be a part of the country’s production rather than a drain. What a concept! That brings us to our collective stupidity/

Here in the U.S., we spend about 1% of that 40%…and we complain about doing that. Many in the GOP consider the teaching profession an enemy, placing them ahead of Islamic Terrorism in the list. Some have even gone so far as to try to logically prove the necessity of a dependant class as an important portion of America’s labor force. In that, they are marching lock step with the extreme left in this country. They want, in essence, to have their cake and eat it too. When I was in State Government, I had a fellow Assemblyman tell me that my bill to curtail illegal immigration would bankrupt the state. This same Assemblyman had, a few days before, lauded Oklahoma and Arizona for passing similar legislation.

The hypocrisy taps are running wide open. During his term, President George Bush Jr. trumpeted his “doing the jobs American’s won’t do” tripe. Newspaper publishers in my state, on one hand, decry the cost of illegals, while using them in their own printing facilities as a cost-saver. Our black messiah, Barrack Obama, chides the same industry he forced, as a member of ACORN, to issue unsafe loans, for issuing those loans. Here in Nevada we had a governor who called for more emphasis on vocational education, and then tried to cut the education budget in his state, in some cases by nearly 50%.

It is becoming politically correct to expect certain demographics in this country to act as if everyone else owes them a living. This means that if someone rises up and objects to a portion of their income being taken away to pay for yet another baby born into poverty, they are not just branded greedy, they may even be breaking federal law…by the Obama/Pelosi standard, and the mass media supports that view.

During this last school year I had the opportunity to observe a number of classrooms in action. This particular school has a student population roughly 50% poor black to poor Hispanic and a good portion of those Hispanics are not in this country legally. What is remarkable is the attitude of a significant number of the black students, they are not only unmotivated to learn, but they occasionally become verbally abusive when a teacher attempts to get them to understand a concept outside of their tiny little welfare world. When questioned on their attitude the normal response is, “It’s a black thing.” Where did this come from?

Over the years the liberals in government have been working at destroying free America. One of their weapons in their revolution is to not just create but to grow the dependent class. When an entire generation in this country has been raised to believe that they are being a traitor to their race, Doctor King’s dream has not only been supplanted, it has been made into an enemy. How many times have we seen young black men and women looking into the camera with dead, droopy eyes that contain no hope whatsoever? How many times have we heard them speak in barely intelligible sentences? It is not a “black thing” it is the result of buying into what has amounted to cultural terrorism by the liberal Democrats.

Can America afford to do what Columbia did? Of course we can. Will we? Not with our current leaders. The Democrats love the current result and the Republicans have bought into the idea that teachers are their enemy. We don’t have a single political leader with even a microbial amount of courage. Typically the voters go along with the media talking heads and prevent the courageous from being elected. They let the liberals do their research for them. That is not to say we don’t have office holders with courage. In fact, we do have some politicians with courage to spare in spite of the media, but in Washington, they are the ones issued the basement offices and we usually get rid of them in the next election before they can affect any change.

That is how stupid we are.

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